To the Land of the Gilded Streets. Emigrants' Journey from Finland through Great Britain to North America During the Era of Mass Migration.


During the "Great Emigration" in 1820-1930 circa 42 million Europeans emigrated to North America. About 380,000 of them were Finnish. In this publication we take a closer look at the emigrants' journey from their home town via Great Britain to North America. The text is richly illustrated with photographs, maps, and contemporary travel descriptions. Although the focus of the publication is on the journey of the emigrant, it will also cover the emigrant's life in the new homeland, the history and reasons behind Finnish emigration to America and the present day Finnish Americans.

This publication is based on the exhibition "To the Land of the Gilded Streets - Transmigration of Finns through Great Britain to North America" (2014) by the Institute of Migration.

ISBN 978-952-5889-98-7 (printed)
ISBN 978-952-5889-99-4 (digital)
ISSN: 2323-654X
Special Publications no. E7

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