Eveliina Lyytinen


Postdoctoral Researcher, Academy of Finland


Tel. +358 (0)400 219 184

Academic Degrees:

  • Doctor of Philosophy (D.Phil.) in Human Geography/Refugee Studies, University of Oxford, 2014
  • Master of Science in Forced Migration, University of Oxford, 2008
  • Master of Science in Human Geography, University of Turku, 2006


  • Forced migration, refugees, urban refugees, refugees’ employment, asylum seekers’ deportations, qualitative research methods, research ethics


Action-oriented research on asylum seekers’ deportability, expert assignments on forced migration

Current Research:

Action-oriented research on asylum seekers’ deportability (Postdoctoral Research project, Academy of Finland, 1.9.2018–31.8.2021)

Following the ‘refugee crisis’, the diversity and number of people who are deported from Finland have been rapidly increasing. Yet, social-scientific research on deportations is still scarce in Finland. This research project conducts action-based research on asylum seekers’ deportations from three thematic perspectives: 1) laws, policies and practices regarding deportation, 2) trust and mistrust in civic activism on deportations, and 3) asylum seekers’ deportation journeys. The objective of this multidisciplinary research is to yield new societal, theoretical and methodological openings regarding critical assessment of asylum seekers’ deportability. This objective is supported by the action-based research method that enhances participants’ agency.

Other Research

Coming of Age in Exile (CAGE)

Between 2015–2018 I worked as a senior researcher in a comparative Nordic study Coming of Age in Exile (CAGE) - Health and Socio-Economic Inequities in Young Refugees in the Nordic Welfare Societies funded by the NordForsk for 2015–2019. The project is coordinated by the Danish Research Centre for Migration, Ethnicity and Health (MESU), Department of Public Health, University of Copenhagen. I engaged in two studies within the project regarding comparative analyses of welfare policies in the Nordic countries (sub-study 2C) and qualitative studies of education and participation on the labour market (sub-study 3B). More information on the project (including publications): https://cage.ku.dk/.

Edited anthology on asylum seekers and refugees in Finland (in Finnish)

I am editing a peer-reviewed anthology regarding asylum seekers and refugees in Finland, to be published by the Migration Institute of Finland in the autumn of 2018. This edited volume examines forced migration in Finland from interdisciplinary perspectives, not forgetting the global context. The anthology consists of 15 chapters regarding the experiences, practices, policies and legal frameworks of receiving and giving international protection. It is one of the first scientific peer-reviewed edited volumes written in Finnish in the field of refugee studies. Moreover, it contributes to literature documenting the migratory events of the 2015–2016. The anthology is aimed at migration and refugee studies scholars, students and people working with refugees.


I act as the coordinator for the Turku Ethnicity and Migration Research Network (TEMREN), which brings together Turku-based researchers working in this field. You can join the email list by contacting me via email: evlyyt@utu.fi.

Central Publications:

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