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Migration Fellows

The Migration Institute of Finland has established the Migration Fellow Program. The objective is to foster research and promote professional development among members of the network. Internationalization of science is also promoted by the program.
The program is intended for scholars from both Finnish and abroad. The fellowship program advances international research connections and mobility among researchers.

The Migration Fellow Program entails:

  • Opportunity to participate in scholarly activities arranged at the Migration Institute of Finland (meetings of researchers, seminars, conferences)
  • Opportunity to give guest lectures in the Fellow's own area of research and to highlight her/his research findings
  • Opportunity for the Fellow to publish research and findings as part of the Institute's publication series
  • To cover travel and accommodation costs for a shor stay at the Migration Institute of Finland

The research fellows will be able to deposit their research materials in the Institute's archives. One objective of the Institute's archive is to collect research material for wider use.

Download the application form here.

  • Information about the Migration Fellow Program can be obtained by contacting
    Research Director Elli Heikkilä: elli.heikkila(at)

Download Migration Fellows presentations here.

Members of the Migration Fellows Program 2019

1. Professor Eeva Sippola, University of Bremen, Germany (language studies)
Research project: Faraway Language - Language ideologies of Finnish immigrants in Latin America

2. Ph.D. and Contract Lecturer Samira Saramo, Lakehead University, Canada (history)
Research project: Death and Mourning in Finnish North America

3. Research Fellow, Ph.D. Jure Gombac, Slovenia Emigration Institute, University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia (sociology)
Research projects: Migrants and the Internet, and Ethnic entrepreneurship

4. Associate Lecturer, Ph.D. Candidate Michelle Lawson, the Lancaster University, UK (applied linguistics)
Research project: British settlers in the Ariège department, south-west France

5. Ph.D. Fellow Elizabeth Benedict Christensen, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark (social sciences and humanities)
Research project: Documenting Dissonance: Everyday (Dis)Belonging of 1.5 Generation Undocumented Youth in the U.S.

6. Ph.D. Candidate and Graduate Teaching Assistant Ilke Dagli, the University of Warwick, UK (social sciences)
Research project: Securitisation of Ethnic Communities in Conflict Environments and its Implication on Peace-building Efforts

7. M.Sc., M.Sc., Doctoral Student Johanna Peltoniemi, School of Management at University of Tampere, Finland (political science)
Research project: The effect of Finnish expatriation on national identity and political participation

8. Doctoral Student Roman Kushnir, University of Vaasa, Department of English studies, Finland (English studies)
Research project: The construction of Finnish-American identities in a selection of Finnish-American fiction portraying second- and third-generation migrants

9. Ph.D., University Lecturer Merja Paksuniemi, University of Lapland, Finland (education)
Research projects: Third culture kids in Finnish educational system

10. Author, Presenter, Musician Ruth Bonetti, Own business and publishing house, Australia (music)
Research project: Midnight Sun to Southern Cross

11. Ph.D., Vice-Head of Department of Territorial Studies Ing. Milan Palat, Mendel University, Czech Republic (economics, demography)
Research project: Development of international migration and integration of migrants in economic context

12. Assistant Professor, Dr. Farshad Amiraslani, University of Tehran, Iran (physical geography)
Research project: Relationship between human migration flow and dryness of a country

13. Senior Researcher Maria Pitukhina, Budget monitoring center at Petrozavodsk state university, Russia (migration policy and human capital policy)
Research projects: Neighbouring migration, Cross-country analysis, Migrants' skills, and Political communication of Russian migrants in Finland

14. Dr., Research Fellow Daouda Cissé, Stellenbosch University, Centre for Chinese Studies, South Africa (economics)
Research project: African traders in Yiwu (China): trade networks and role in the distribution on "made in China" products to Africa

15. Ph.D., Anne Heimo, University of Turku, Finland (folkloristics)
Research project: The literary practices, memories of migration and family history of Finnish immigrants in Australia

16. Ph.D., Docent, Ismo Söderling
Research project: -

17. Ph.D., Michael Paul Bégin, Institute of Sociology and Regional Studies, Southern Federal University, Russian Federation
Research project: Sociospatial Adaptation of Single Mothers in Migration and Intercultural Interactions

18. Master of Arts, Riku Kauhanen, University of Turku, Finland
Research project: Foreign help to Finland during Winter War (1939 - 40)

19. Ph.D., Aminul Islam, Tallinn University, Estonia
Research project: Experience of refuge and subsequent settlement from a social and cultural perspective

20. Ph.D., Mervi Kaukko, University of Oulu, Finland (education)
Research project: Refugee students’ real-life relevant school success. Mixed methods study in Australian and Finnish schools.

21. Doctor of Law (LLD) candidate, Kamilla Aliyeva, University of Helsinki
Research project: Impact of migration policies on access to labour market by migrant worker in Europe

22. Dr., Maria Elo, University of Turku, Finland
Research project: -

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