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The Library of the Migration Institute of Finland is a specialist library, dealing with research publications on international and internal migration and other related issues. The Library receives copies of most overseas Finnish periodicals, published in many parts of the world, as well as a wide range of specialist periodicals.

Book Loans

The Library of the Migration Institute of Finland is a public research library. Most of the materials can be borrowed. Newspapers, magazines, statistics and rare and fragile books are usually not given out for a home loan, but can be viewed in the library. The loan period is 28 days and it can be extended by phone or e-mail.

Interlibrary and postal loans

The Library of the Migration Institute of Finland can send literature from its collection for home loan. Loan requests are accepted from other libraries as well as from private individuals. Postal loan requests can be made at the University of Turku Interlibrary Services.

Copy service

The library can make copies of literature in its collection when permitted by the copy right issues. The copies can be delivered by e-mail for free or as paper copies. The prices for paper copies can be found below.


  • Paper copies A4 0,25 €/pcs and A3 0,60 €/ pcs + postal charges if applicable

The invoice will be sent with the loans. Lost and damaged items must be either replaced or reimbursed for.

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