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About us

The Migration Institute of Finland was founded in 1974, and has its headquarters in Turku. The Institute has two regional centres, The centre for Ostrobothnia in Seinäjoki and the Centre for Swedish-speaking Finland in Kronoby. The tasks of the Migration Institute of Finland are:

  • to promote the collection, storage and documentation of research material relating to international and internal migration including immigrants and refugees,
  • to carry out and to promote migration research,
  • to publish reseach reports, books and articles on migration,
  • to develop co-operation between the universities and special organizations related to migration, both within Finland and abroad.
  • and to maintain and to provide information services about migration.

The Institute is basically financed by an annual operating grant from the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, but in addition various projects are financed from a variety of other sources.

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